Which food is good for teeth health

Which food is good for dental health and which is not, Here’s a look at what foods to eat and what not to eat to keep your teeth at bay.

Maintaining oral hygiene is important for everyone. The fossils of the foodstuffs we eat are trapped in the teeth, causing oral odors. So, practice brushing at least twice a day. In addition, the practice of mouth washing, oil pulling, etc. with a bit of salt in the middle of the nail warmer water can also help with tooth and gum infections and oral odors.

This helps to have healthy teeth for a long time. We should think about cleaning our teeth in the most natural ways possible. In this article, we will tell you Which food is good for teeth health and what other foods to say good bye to.

Raw tomatoes and cucumbers

According to dentists, eating cucumber and tomato fruit in its natural form will help the teeth and gums stay healthy and secure for longer. Which foods are most likely to contain fiber, such as not only cleaning the teeth, but also eliminating the problem of gingivitis. In addition, raw vegetables are said to make teeth weaker.

Apple and some other fruits

Usually we eat fruits. Eating fruits closely leads to the essential vitamins and nutrients that go into the teeth and gums. In addition, the habit of eating fruit after meals will help remove fossils of food that remain in the teeth after you eat them. This will make your teeth more durable.

Milk, Yogurt and Paneer

The body needs nutrients in any food we eat. In addition, calcium content is essential for the bones and teeth of the body. Foods with high calcium content are essential for the protection of the enamel portion of the teeth. So if dairy products are included in our daily diet, tidy and strong teeth can have a long time.


The ability to adequately manage the digestive system can be seen in cumin and anise. In addition, they also work on teeth cleaning. If the carbohydrate content found in the food we eat remains in the teeth, it will not harm the gums in the coming days. Gnashing of teeth can sometimes be the cause. So after the meal, practice putting half a teaspoon of kernels in your mouth.

Foods that do not need teeth, despite the desire of the eyes

Even though we know that certain foods are unhealthy and bad for health, we tend to eat and eat too. For example, if you eat foods that are high in sugar content, it can cause gingivitis and tooth decay. Therefore, you should reduce your coffee and tea habit in the morning and during the day. In addition, some goodies have to be said. Namely,

Bakery ingredients such as bread biscuits and cake

We have become a regular customer, as there is a bakery all around our house. We eat at least a pound of bread, though there is nothing to eat. But keep in mind that the bakery items that are prepared in the bakery should not be spoiled for long because they have been processed with a little more sugar content. Therefore, consuming such food items can definitely improve the health of your teeth. Also remember that chocolate and other desserts found in the bakery are harmful to the teeth.

Cold drinks

You’ve already heard about cold drinks. They are prepared using a large amount of sugar content. If you have a habit of consuming cold drinks in the summertime, you will have a tooth problem in just 3 to 4 years. In addition, the problem of gums can also come up.


The sandwich burger has been so much love for the latest generation. In addition, another food item that costs a lot in a bakery is chips. Such foodstuffs that are trapped in the teeth of the teeth are completely spoiled with adulterated oil.

Honey ghee

They say honey ghee is very good for our body. It has anti – inflammatory and anti – microbial properties. However, teeth that contain too much sweetener can sometimes cause our illness and lead to gingival teeth. So, make sure you consume a small amount of honey ghee regularly. Be especially concerned about the health of children’s teeth.


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