How to Avoid Black Fungus Infection

How to Avoid Black Fungus Infection, Black fungus shouldn’t come to you just because you can no longer eat certain foods that you like.

We don’t need to say anything else about the horrors of Corona’s second wave. Its speed, and the havoc created in the last two months, will be lifesaving if you remember these. This time, people’s lives are being taken into account, and now it seems to have come under control, to the detriment of the past.

But even those recovering as Corona went are not going to be comfortable. This is because black fungus, a problem with visually impaired fungi, is overpowering people. If people don’t wake up to this, they may lose their eyes and sit in the corner of the house.

Ayurveda doctors have already shared some diet tips for people recovering from corona. Accordingly, it is better not to eat some of the foods that you ate earlier. Ayurveda experts believe that adopting such a strict diet in your lifestyle can only prevent fatal infections like black fungus.

In this article, we will discuss how people recovering from the second wave of Corona need to stay away from food.

Don’t be inclined to cold foods

So far summer has come to mean the first thing people remember is their home refrigerator. Juice, ice cream, etc. in the fridge, people love it. It is essential that you do your best to make your life cool without the scorching summer heat. People will no longer have to forget that there was a time when at least one bottle of cold water should be left in the fridge, even if there was nothing to eat and drink.

Ayurveda experts say that refrigerator foods are the reason why Covid 19 is the second wave that comes and goes with the black fungal infection of the eyes. So people have to leave the idea that they can eat extinct foods in the fridge and then eat them when needed. Doctors also warn that fruits should not be removed from the refrigerator.

You have to stay away from Bonda, Bajji and Samosa

Some people have already heard examples of black fungus being fried in oil. In the case of corona-virus or any other fever, the doctor strictly says to cut down on any food items other than rice, buttermilk and fruit-vegetables. Their goal is to find a quick recovery from the flu. It is normal for the mouth to get worse.

The mind wants you to eat fried snacks in assorted oils as soon as possible. But even after recovering from the corona, the fried foods have to stay away. Extremely bad fats, deep fried in oil, not too fried in one way, too Dangerous for Health.

Order from the outside and not eat

With the adoption of the online food delivery system, many people have learned to order home-made food from home using the mobile app to eat at home. But nobody even knows how much Danger it is during Corona. There is no guarantee that they will abide by Corona related rules when preparing food. Plus there is no cleanliness in the food. Lack of nutrients is conspicuous in the food consumed.

Eating these foods on a regular basis will gradually worsen your health. There is no belief that the nutrients and healthy ingredients found in the food we maintain at home are the same as those prepared by someone else. So if you are cautious that you may be infected again with food from outside, you can protect against black fungal infections of eyes

Don’t eat fruits without wash

Fruits are natural foods that are dear to most people. Everyone should think about cleanliness after they bring home the fruits that are sold on the roadside from the outside and eat them. The fruits are still washed in the normal water they use, and they are found to be clean. But no one can give you any promise that you will never get infected again with this washed fruit.

You should practice washing fruits, especially in hot water. If possible, soak the fruit in a small amount of nail warm water and soak the fruit in it. It also protects you from the Black Fungus problem.

No half-cooked food

Many argue that if you cook a diet full of foods, you will lose your nutrients. People believe that eating as many vegetables or certain foods as possible is a good practice. But it can be said that such a strategy at this time makes the health ailment more.

No sugar-containing foods

It is also said that the sugar content found in the body is also responsible for the infection of black fungi in the eyes. There are rumors that the sugar content helps black fungi to make more of their offspring. So it is good if people recovering from the corona refrain from eating as much sweeteners as possible and consuming sugary drinks.

Your health care is in your hands. A lot of people have already heard about losing their eyes to a black mare named Black Fungus. So be careful in your eating habits as stated above. Also, Read this: Upcoming PS5 Games in 2021.


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