How Many Calories Intake Is Good To Lose Body Weight?

How Many Calories Intake Is Good To Lose Body Weight?

We all know that obesity roots back to many factors. It has links with genetics (family history), social and economic status, eating habits, and mental health. It is not right to put all weight on calories for your obesity. Calories are not bad at all. Our body needs a proper amount of calories to function properly. The problem comes if you start eating a diet enriched with more calories than your body needs. It does not mean that you are sitting with your friends once a while, get pizza ordered and you have to pull your hand because it is having cheese and sauces topping.

No, you can eat. Our body has a mechanism of homeostasis, It itself regulates calories back to normal.
Obesity will find its way when you eat extra calories and make it a habit.

How many calories your body needs per day?

This varies from person to person. It depends on many factors including physical activity, current weight, and weight loss goals. Men generally need more calories than women. This is because men have more muscle mass while women’s body mass generally composed of more body fat.

You can use a calorie counter to check how many calories you need per day according to your body weight and height. BMI( body mass index) is a way to measure the body fat of a person by dividing its weight by height.

Its formula is
BMI= kg/m²
Kg is body weight while m is height squared.

Every food contains calories. Some foods are more packed with calories than others.
Following are a few foods that have more calorie content:

  • Sodas
  • Donuts and bakery items
  • Desserts and dairy item
  • Alcohol
  • Sauces and spices
  • Processed/ canned food

All these foods add extra calories to your meal as they store sugar and fat in excess.

While other foods such as broccoli, asparagus, calorie-free herbs, and leafy green vegetables add a very low amount of calories to your plate.

Keep in mind that calories are fuel for metabolism and normal body functioning. They add weight only when we take in more calories than our body needs and that gets stored as body fat. So it is recommended to understand your calorie needs and know when to cut calories from your diet.

Know about BMR

BMR( basal metabolic rate) is the metabolism of your body. Your BMR will decide how many calories you need. It calculates the total consumption of calories in your daily activities including heartbeat, breathing, and digestion.BMR tells you the minimum calories that you need to keep yourself alive.

How to lose weight?

By using the above parameters, set your personal goal of calorie intake, either you want to gain weight, lose weight or remain at your current weight. Nutritionists recommend creating a calorie deficit daily. For women, it is 1500 cal/day and for men 2000 cal/day.

This is not a hard and fast rule. You can start with a 500 calorie deficit/day, what a general rule says. To keep a check on your calorie intake, make a habit of reading labels and measuring portions of your meals.

Losing body weight should be half to two pounds per week. That is a safe limit. Too much calorie deficiency can cause starvation, which produces negative effects on your body.

How many calories are required to lose belly fat? or How Many Calories Intake Is Good To Lose Body Weight?

There is no way to reduce belly fat without losing general body weight. However, as the main portion of fats is deposited in the belly area, calorie deficit will help you to shed belly fat. There is no need to do extra workouts, belly fat can be reduced fast at home by combining the following strategies.

Ways to lose weight

Here is how to start.

Drink plenty of water

To lose weight, you have to start by drinking plenty of water. Avoiding dehydration and drinking plenty of water is a key factor to lose weight.

How does it work?

When you start dieting, your stored glycogen attracts water. By hydrolysis Glycogen breaks down to simple sugar, Glycogen is the stored sugar. So the initial body weight you lose is actually the loss of water from your body. Drinking a fair amount of water makes sure to reduce body fat in a healthy way. Moreover, drinking water before meals also helps to lose weight naturally.

Increase physical activity

That is the healthiest approach to create a calorie deficit. Increase your daily activities. Don’t go for public transport, prefer walking, if you have to go near. Clean your room or garden. Physical activity along with good exercise both work magic to lose extra pounds. It is also good for the regulation of blood pressure levels. Check out the best foods to manage high blood pressure.

Watch your stress

Social stress is a common element of depression in obese people. Watch your stress elements. Focus on your goals to be healthy physically as well as mentally.

Eat more protein

Daily protein intake is also a great factor to lose weight. Carbohydrates should be replaced with proteins. Lean proteins suppress your appetite and you feel full. Proteins diminish the craving for food.

Vegetable proteins also work the same. As a snack between meals, you can use nuts such as almonds, walnut, and cashew. Although they have more calories, they can be a great source of protein.

Avoid sugary or soda drinks

Sugary beverages and soda drinks are the most unhealthy approach. Their nutrients content is zero. They are full of calories that our body absorbs easily, which in turn increase blood glucose level. These added calories are of no use. They just add a few more pounds and are stored as fat in your body.

Liquid sugar is also the main cause of belly fat. According to experts, you have to eat the same amount of solid food because liquid sugars produce a false sense of fullness.

Last Words

Remember that weight loss is a journey.
Changes in your lifestyle and eating habits can produce long-term effects that lead to a healthier weight loss instead of falling into starvation. You can also consult a dietitian for guidance and advice.

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