How do you become type 2 diabetes? How does food contribute to it and help prevent it?

How do you become type 2 diabetes? How does food contribute to it and help prevent it?

Ryan Fernando being one of the best nutritionist in Mumbai says that type 2 diabetes happens when the body stops utilizing the sugars present in the blood because the pancreas is unable to produce the amount of insulin that is required to neutralize the sugar levels to give energy. It is not exactly clear that how this starts in the body. Diabetes is of two kinds, one in where the insulin is not produced enough for utilization or the body is over producing the insulin which the body does not require. According to research scholars, diabetes can happen to people who are higher in the BMI range of overweight or obese. India is 2nd highest in the number of cases of diabetes. There are few foods which might have a connection to cause type 2 diabetes are like processed, canned or red meat foods.

Diabetics are given metformin tablets and some insulin shots to help utilize the blood sugar levels and get the reading to normal. The ideal range on fasting blood sugar is 70-99 mg/dl and post prandial should be less than 180 mg/dL. Diabetes is measured by the HbA1c levels. The ranges are from 5.7- 6.4 is pre- diabetic and greater than 6.4 is diabetic. The insulin injections are given after the meals based on units. This helps in sudden spike of raise in blood sugar levels. As per the best nutritionist in Mumbai, metformin signals the liver to release less amount of sugar in the body thereby keeping the sugar levels. Diabetics are not allowed to consume too much of sugary foods or sweet foods. In nutrition we suggest some Super foods to reduce type 2 diabetes. In diabetes there is also a possibility that the vitamin b12 levels can go low because of the action of metformin.

Some studies do state that the vitamin b12 supplementation or the foods rich in vitamin b12 should be consumed for the levels to be in normal range. So nutrition planning should be done in such a way that the vitamin levels stay in check along with blood sugar levels. Usually the initial signs of diabetes are frequent urination and also thirst. Also people with diabetes do experience a lot of pain in the joints mostly in the lower body such as in the knees and also the heel region.

Ryan Fernando also says that Appropriate foot wear is necessary to relieve some pain in the joints. Severe cases of blood sugar rise can lead to coma and that’s why the people with diabetes need to keep a constant check. According to the best nutritionist in Mumbai people who are suffering from diabetes need to keep a constant check on the heart health as well as cardiovascular diseases are common to be seen in people suffering from diabetes. Walking, yoga and meditation practices help to control blood sugar.

Glycemic load and glycemic index of foods need to be checked before suggesting any foods for diabetics Glycemic index is amount of carbohydrate in foods. The best nutritionist in Kolkata says any food that has a low GI will have low rate of digestion and absorption. This helps in lowering the blood sugar levels and also shows an effect on blood sugar levels. Glycemic load is the unit that how much of food size serving will raise a person’s sugar levels by how many units. Usually foods with low GI have low levels will also have low GL levels. So when planning a diet we need to suggest foods which are low in GL and GI.

Some foods like fenugreek seeds, bitter gourd juice or veggie, oats, whole wheat foods help in reducing blood sugar levels. Diabetic persons can eat fruits a day and not more of those. Some foods which are high in GI (Glycemic Index) should be avoided such as watermelon, potatoes, white rice, sweets, processed foods, cakes and pastries. Also diabetics should limit or avoid alcohol and all sorts of tobacco forms. Ryan Fernando being one of the best nutritionist in India says that planning a diabetic chart needs to be planned carefully with split which is called the Diabetic split. In this diabetic split, the day is divided in 3 portions from the first meal to the last meal and the calories and carbohydrate of these 3 splits needs to be similar to that of other three meals. This split avoids in raising their sugar levels to too high at one particular time in a day. Some things that every diabetic should take care are to have their meals on time. It is not advisable for a diabetic to skip their meals. This can cause dizziness and put them at a risk of hypoglycemia when their blood glucose levels go too low.

The best nutritionist in Kolkata says diabetes is a condition that has found no permanent cure but it can be controlled effectively by a diet intervention. Ryan Fernando says it is only necessary that regular check on glucose levels should be monitored; medicines to be taken on time and every 6 months a blood test to check your HbA1c levels need to be monitored to check your progress. Along with these your physical activities are also very important and need to be done regularly. For some adult individuals who are overweight or obese need to try and maintain a healthy body weight. Including a protein rich diet will help in reducing weight as well.

Follow a diabetic plan with your dietitian customized for you, so you can have a control over your blood sugar, also to help you motivate and to reduce any kind of sweet cravings that you may feel due to the condition and aversion of sugary and sweet foods. Keep a constant check on how you feel from within, if you feel any sort of discomfort; consult your doctor and your dietitian. Take all the precautions that the doctor suggests and any nutrition advice that the dietitian suggests so prevent it from developing more risk towards it.


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