Foot Spa at home, Give yourself a foot spa at home by easy steps.

Foot Spa at home, Give yourself a foot spa at home, A must do spa for beautiful feet!

Spa should be done to enhance the beauty of the legs. But if you go to a beauty parlor for a spa, you have to pay extra. Instead, take care of your feet at home and get beautiful feet. The following tips can be followed to get attractive feet.

Nail polish should be removed first:

It is better to use a remover, This is because nails to become dry.

Nails should be cut:

Nails should be cut after removing nail polish. Those who want to leave a long nail should pay more attention to the cleanliness of the nails. Walking in the dust every day has lost its beauty. The nail is filled with dirt. So the dirt from the toothbrush should be removed.

Foot Care:

  1. Put water in a bucket, put some salt in it, put legs in it for 10 minutes.
  2. Then rub the legs with Pumice Stone. Then the brush is clean and the legs are clean.
  3. Then clean the toes with lemon juice in the following manner. Best Hair Spa at Home.
  • Lemon Fruit and Salt:
    Cut the lemon and juice it, put some salt in it. Rinse the nails in hot water for 5-6 minutes as you do, then gently rub the lemons and then brush with a soft brush.
  • Lemons and Glycerin:
    People with dry skin should apply a little glycerin to the lemon slices and rub their fingers. Fingertips moisturizer crunch if done this way.
  • Lemon Fruit and Sugar:
    Natural scrubber crunch sugar can be used. Rinse your fingers with a little water and then rinse with a soft brush to wash your hands with cold water. Doing so will lighten the fingers. Also Read This: Best Acrylic Nails Designs.
  1. After scrubbing, reheat the bason with a little hot water and spoon a baking soda in it for 5 minutes. Then rub the legs again.
  2. Then wash the legs thoroughly and apply moisturizing cream. Also, the problem of leg cracks will be gone.


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