Benefits of Almonds for Skin, Eating almonds can prevent skin wrinkles.

benefits of almonds for skin, Eating almonds can prevent skin wrinkles, Almonds can easily improve both the intensity of wrinkles and pigmentation of the skin.

Eating almonds regularly can have many benefits. There will be many improvements to health. According to a recent study by the University of California, almonds every day can relieve wrinkles that appear on the skin.


  • The study was conducted for 6 months. Dermatologists with Fitzpatrick skin type-1 and Fitzpatrick skin type-2 were included. A total of 56 women were subjected to the trial. These women were divided into two groups and given dietary supplements and almond seeds.

A group of two

  • The first group of women were fed almonds on the basis of their daily healthy diet, their proper diet and caloric intake. For the second group, healthy foods were provided to suit the daily needs.
  • They were served snacks, including fig bar and granola bar instead of almonds.


  • Fitzpatrick skin women have about 340 calories in their diet. 20 per cent almonds were added. Another group of women served a healthy diet, other than almonds, with a healthy calorie diet.
  • The diet and nutrition limit of women was kept under the guidance of appropriate dietary experts.
Time of study
  • The women undergoing the study were evaluated and evaluated at 8 weeks, 16 weeks and 24 weeks. There were some changes and results of the study. Of the women under study, 49 women completed the study completely.
Outcome verification
  • According to the study, 15 per cent at 16 weeks, 16 per cent at 24 weeks and 24 per cent at 24 weeks. There was a 20% change in the intensity of skin pigments. In the face of the first group of women, wrinkles were less effective. No changes were observed in the same second group of women.
The result of extremes
  • Studies have shown that almonds are significantly reduced by facial wrinkles every day. Helping to alleviate skin pigmentation problems in postmenopausal women.
  • Almonds can be adjusted to a healthy calorie intake, which can significantly control and improve skin and other health problems.


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